The pandemic has forced us to re-think and innovate some aspects of our facilities and hospitality. You are our first thought, and we want to offer you the most relaxing and safe stay. That's how we will make you feel secure, comfortable and pampered:

Reception: when you'll get here, you'll be welcomed by a staff member wearing a medical mask.

Check-in: your room will be sanitized before your arrival. Room keys will be sanitized as well and delivered in a sealed bag. In your room, you'll find a form to fill in with the requested data. This way, you can avoid any contact exchanging documents and papers.

Sanitation and hygiene: all rooms are tidied up daily with professional and sanitizing products. During cleaning, the staff wears a mask and gloves. In the common areas, there are sanitizing gels for the hands.

Breakfast: during summer, it is usually served on the wide patio, where the tables are very far from each other. Indoor tables are at more than 2 meters distance. If you prefer, you can have breakfast in your room. The buffet is not allowed anymore, but every morning we prepare fresh products and we bring them directly to your table.

Swimming pool: it's open from 10.00 am until 9.00 pm. Each room has two beach loungers, daily sanitized. You only have to worry about your sun-screen.

Garden: our 30 000 sqm green area is at your disposal. Bench and ponds, tables and chairs: find your shelter and your privacy wherever it feels good for you.

Sports & Outdoor Activities:  We’ve created a country path of about 1 km for walking or running. You can book your ping-pong table to challenge your friends and family or ask us to rent a bike to explore the surroundings.

Day-trips: we have many tips to discover beautiful natural landscapes and cultural spots, far from the crowd.


Enjoy a holiday made of experiences, nature and tranquility, in total safety.

We are looking forward to have you here. The SoloQui staff