Creativity needs the right atmosphere to come to light. The Italian way of life can make your hours and projects even more fulfilling and inspired.

Illuminated by large windows that color with the seasons, the big and welcoming room of SoloQui is a customizable space open to infinite possibilities: a business meeting, a presentation, a reading, a course, an exhibition, a workshop, a private sale.

Refreshments can be provided, while, thanks to the catering service, it is possible to organize aperitifs, lunches, or dinners for your customers or team.

Your visitors can leave their car in the large parking lot.

The armchairs in front of the fireplace can inspire the best ideas, and the intimate and cozy atmosphere will make any guest feel at home. The speakers can play the best soundtrack for your meetings.

The large wooden table with wheels can accommodate well-spaced meetings.The bookcase becomes the ideal display for books and objects


Contact us to find out more and find the best solution for your needs.

Good ideas have a life of their own and the ability to vision beyond obstacles.

SoloQui has many different souls that feed on the passion for hospitality, music, art, books, creative crafts, and anything that enriches the spirit and knowledge. SoloQui is never still, not even in these slow times.

SoloQui is never still, not even in these slow times.


In 2014 we created the campaign "CALL FOR IDEAS. Space for Ideas" We were just starting out, and it seemed like a great way to get the word out, and to meet talent and people.  The initiative was an unexpected success and today, some of the people we met then, are permanently part of the life of SoloQui.

CALL FOR IDEAS returns today to offer a space for your ideas. We are selecting some proposals that will find space, physical and virtual, at SoloQui, during the months of March, April and May.

What to do? CALL FOR IDEAS. LET'S GIVE SPACE TO YOUR IDEAS. If you have a proposal write to, or help us to spread this project. Offering space to talent is our way of investing to grow further. Together.